Our client is a technology driven business solutions provider for the fulfillment and logistics needs of enterprises in the Philippines.


Software Architect will be responsible for creating a Highly Scalable, Cost Efficient, Simple to understand, Testable, Stable, Pluggable, Measurable, Evolving, and Ease of Monitoring Entrego System and Applications. Designs will be highly based on the business requirements together with defined number of users and defined process. In addition to actually designing the system (both system integration and service-level), the architect is expected to keep the whole engineering team up to date industry and development standards. This includes process alignment (needed in order to maximize the architecture’s benefits in line with actual development). Designs will also be tailored with the current organization company (short-term, medium-term, and long-term).

Critical Accountabilities:

  • Use confluence as a Documentation Repository for well-defined System Architecture and Design based on Entrego’s overall overview of the Business Process.
  • Use Confluence and Jira Tickets documentation as the source of well-defined business processes for new and old requirements in completing new projects.
  • Use cloud infrastructure and application design to produce Highly Scalable, Measurable, Cost efficient, Simple to understand, Testable, Stable, Pluggable, Measurable, Evolving, Secured and Ease of Monitoring
  • System design and official documents take time to create. For requirements needing urgent design decisions, I meet with devs and discuss approaches to be made on the fly.


  • Graduate of any bachelor’s degree with Relative work experience as Software Architect
  • At least with 5 years Relative experience in System Architecture and Design for either On Premise Infrastructure or On Cloud Infrastructure.
  • At Least 6 years of application and development.
  • AWS Solutions Architect or Equivalent Certification is REQUIRED
  • Expert level on the following: Cloud Computing (AWS/Google/Azure), Software Architecture and Design Principles, System Integration and Low Level Design (Not only high-level but service-level implementation as well), Software Life Cycle Development, Presentation and Communication

Urgent hiring!


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