Executive Search & Recruitment




The firm has been supporting banks and investment banks with their finance requirements since its early years. However this time, we have opened ourselves to engagements covering industry-specific roles such as corporate, commercial, private, and retail banking, risk and compliance, treasury and cash management, market surveillance, and trust, among others.

We have been fortunate to be supporting one of the world’s largest financial institutions and a known organization for producing the top leaders in the industry. Within only a year of servicing this client, we have been identified as one of their top providers, relied upon to search for highly specialized and hard-to-find positions.

Our roster of clients in the banking industry also include multinational banks with strong global or regional presence.

Among our notable engagements was the successful placement of the Head of Commercial Banking for a large global bank. We have also successfully placed the P&L Head for the same bank’s credit card business.

For another multinational bank headquartered in the UK, we have successfully placed the Head of Operations Risk.

Business Process Outsourcing

KSearch has been supporting the BPO industry since its pioneering years during the late 90’s. One of our key clients is considered a pioneer in the industry, and a benchmark for many best practices in the shared services space. We have successfully supported the startup, subsequent ramp-ups, and continuous growth of said company. Such a track record gave us a strong reputation for supporting large scale requirements for shared services centers.

For the BPO industry, we typically get engaged to search for Service Delivery Leads, Site Director, Operations Director, as well as functional heads in finance, IT, HR, and Project Management.

Notable engagements in the shared services space include the successful placement of the entire pioneer team for a start-up shared services center for a well known German brand of consumer goods. This included the placement of the center’s General Manager and CFO.

We successfully completed a similar project for a start-up shared services center of a global shipping company.

At present, we support the largest and most prestigious names in the industry – covering third-party BPO and shared services centers for banking, petroleum, consumer goods, shipping, telecommunications, and intelligent information, among others.

Functional Roles

Finance and Accounting

We have built a strong track record in fulfilling the financial executive requirements of our clients in the banking, business process outsourcing (BPO), electronics, logistics, pharmaceutical, property management, retail, semiconductor, and telecommunication industries, among others.

Using the Targeted Selection interview methodology, our Search Consultants undergo extensive training to deepen their knowledge of financial concepts and language, communicate more effectively with accounting and finance executives, and understand the interplay of finance and strategy. They specialize in key positions of Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Financial Controller, Head of Internal Audit, Corporate Finance Director, Financial Planning & Analysis Manager, Treasury Manager, and Accountants for BPOs.

Since 2000, we have addressed the people requirements of a regional BPO which provides the finance and accounting operations of a major oil multinational company’s Asia Pacific subsidiaries. In 2004, it successfully expanded to cover the North America-based accounting functions. Overall, we have sourced, selected and hired at least 850 accountants for this BPO alone.

We have notable engagements as well where we recruited Internal Audit Directors and Audit Managers for a leading media company, a global public accounting firm, a local telecoms operator, and a reputable property developer.

The world’s largest development bank, in its Manila unit’s first-ever attempt to engage executive search providers in December 2002, chose KSearch from among several bidders to be the sole search provider for its people requirements throughout the ensuing three years.

A source of pride is our having filled the CFO position for a multinational pharmaceutical firm, a leading global advertising agency, a financial shared services center, a transnational consumer goods manufacturing and distribution giant, a regional engineering corporation, a local conglomerate in banking and real estate, and a major international direct-selling company.

Over time, we have earned the reputation for having the most extensive placements of accounting and finance professionals.

Information Technology

Our team has established a reputation for Industry and Functional Knowledge, Client Focus, and Quality Output in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) field.

We, at KSearch, were elated when the leading internet services provider in Hong Kong engaged our services in its then planned expansion to the Philippines, designated us as their exclusive executive search provider for a start-up project, recruiting for them the Chief Operating Officer, Network Manager, Assistant Technical Manager, Systems Engineer, and Network Engineer.

Demonstrating a record of successes in the IT industry, KSearch secured an initial mandate from a digital content provider to search for a Regional Systems Manager. We delivered the requirement within two weeks. Satisfied with the quick turnaround time, the client engaged our team further to fill additional positions such as Program Director, Head of Infrastructure, and Project Manager.

Supporting the upsurge in the contact center and the BPO industry, KSearch has provided executive search service to key industry players, including the first Filipino IT company to be listed in the New York-based NASDAQ stock market and a pioneering firm that provides a wide array of outsourcing services ranging from medical transcription for North American healthcare organizations to software programming and enterprise resource planning systems implementation.

KSearch has likewise established ties with one of the leaders in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services. Its Philippine office houses over 400 IT professionals committed to supporting the needs of customers worldwide. To date, we have provided its requirements for Product Support Services Director, Hard Core Manager, and PSP Manager, as well as for technical support and software application positions.

Another major client of ours in the ICT industry is a global management consulting firm present in 40 countries. With a workforce of more than 2,000, it provides expertise in business strategy, supply chain management, technology, and outsourcing to global clients in every significant industry. Linking up with this client shows our capacity to take on the challenge of offshore demand for world-class talents.

Human Resources

In the course of identifying executives and managers for our clients, we have been called to also address human resource and corporate communications leadership requirements.

Our team has been successful in placing Human Resource Directors, Compensation and Benefits Managers, Training and Development Officers, Corporate Communications Manager, Recruitment Officers, Heads of Administration, and Executive Assistants.

A client engaged in digitizing information and content management for on-line publishers and data archives tapped KSearch for their legal database project. We satisfied their high-level requirements for the positions of HR Vice President, Editorial Manager, Recruitment Manager, and Head of Administration.

We have also assisted the largest source of development assistance in the world who gave us search mandates for two Human Resource Officers who would cover Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as back-office support staff as Program Assistant, Communications Assistant, and Team Assistant.

Our other clients include the main players in the Philippine BPO industry as well as Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) companies. These KPOs are primarily engaged in the electronic conversion of news, technical and professional information for Internet content providers, and the conversion of evidence into searchable CD-ROMs for corporations involved in major litigation.

Marketing and Sales

Given the responsibility of determining the overall fit of candidates against the clients’ position requirements, the KSearch team puts emphasis on technical competence, track record, leadership abilities, and communications skills. Also taken into major considerations are motivational fit and cultural fit of candidates.

We have recruited Sales and Marketing executives for a major supplier of equipment used by semiconductor companies in Malaysia. For a leading Hong Kong-based communications provider that embarked on a regional expansion program, our team searched and hired its National Sales Managers and Account Managers. A global BPO has also engaged KSearch in sourcing for talents in customer relationship management.