E-commerce Operations & Support Specialist

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German biotechnology company manufacturing kits and intstruments used by science and medical experts to help identify cure for different illnesses.


• Support increasing connections to and integration of company’s clients via eProcurement interfaces
• Deliver all critical customer projects on schedule
• Analyze, design, develop, and technically implement data integration interfaces
• Set up data integration & workflow design
• Manage hosted catalog files for B2B customers in line with regular product launches, promotional activities, and annual price changes
• Manage content of hosted catalogs in line with customer needs and eCommerce goals
• Daily support incident management (e.g. pricing/ product availability issues )
• Enter, manage and monitor pricing conditions in SAP for B2B accounts
• Support the setup and launch of digital customer onsite stocking solutions
• Provide onsite support at select customer events
• Partner with digital channel development colleagues to uncover additional opportunities to improve customer experience and conversion.


• Knowledge of eCommerce connection interfaces (cXML, EDI, Punch Out, Idocs,..), basic programming skills preferred
• Ability to develop relationships with multiple customer functions including Procurement, Finance, Operations, and R&D leadership
• Experience developing cross-functional internal relations working relationships including sales, marketing, and commercial operations
• Proven ability to see improvement opportunities and address with creative solutions
• Excellent data analysis and marketing skills and ability to apply these skills to generating business decisions
• Demonstrated ability to operate independently, with initiative, and good business judgment


January – March 2019


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