KSearch recognizes the competitive challenges the new year brings

They’re not taglines nor are they sheer slogans.  But KSearch has recognized the competitive challenges the new year brings and has thus anchored its business strategies on two key self-motivating imperatives with which to remind themselves: to for each of its people to be more knowledgeable and for making a bold shift in mindset – from Thank God It’s Friday to Thank God It’s Monday.  The first because with the advent of new technology taking over our business and personal lives at the speed of thought, we just have to be in step with these changes to serve our clients better.  The second because we need to consciously help our clients succeed and we therefore cannot be caught passive; we simply cannot wait enough to address our client’s specific people requirements.

new-years-toast_02 new-years-toast

We could not have found a better time to launch these pop-up self-reminders to ourselves than our New Year’s Toast event. We greeted the new year much aware that we have to be better equipped to face the forthcoming challenges, both intellectually and psychologically. We decided as a firm that the combination of knowing more and a mindset of serving the client with urgency are our chosen armament.

Typical of a KSearch event, it is never without a show of pomp and color to dramatize the occasion.  The New Year’s Toast was exactly that – full of gimmickry in games, pageantry and costume. The 80’s theme fitted the motif.  Our allied creative firm, the Overmind crew, celebrated the event with us.  The climax of the occasion was for the KSearch consultants to write down the highlights of their experiences in 2014 in terms of learning and achievements and to express their respective aspirations for 2015.

We came away from the Toast feeling thoroughly energized to face 2015, armed formidably with our self-imposed imperatives: know more and welcome Mondays with great enthusiasm.

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Jen Cases

Search Associate

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