Van Fabian, Executive and Admin Assistant


Ann Vanessa (Van) E. Fabian
Executive and Admin Assistant, Admin Group

Vanessa, Van, Vanene — the white, tall lady walking down the hallways of KSearch office with a quick smile in her joyful face. She loves to travel and try new restaurants; family oriented, achiever, goal-setter, and has a strong faith in God.

People see her as a quiet, shy, timid, and fainthearted lady. But who would have thought that she was a volleyball varsity player back in High School? Who would think that one of her dreams is to perform live in a variety show aired on television? Who would think that she even wanted to have her own billboard?

During KSearch’s last Christmas party, this deceptively fainthearted-looking girl nailed her presentation down to everyone’s delight – an excellent singer and dancer, indeed. When you get to hang out with her, you’ll never expect that she’s actually quite talkative (probably entertaining is the better term) and so down-to-earth – no airs.

Van paces herself well.  She is developing and maturing on her own terms – working hard, learning much, and never giving up on reaching her dreams.  For prize catch like her, who would be the lucky guy in the near future, we wonder.

By:  Inah Eleazar
Research Associate

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