Inah Eleazar, Executive Search Consultant

inah_heidiMa. Felise Inah S. Eleazar
Banking and Finance Group

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all – Disney, Mulan.”

The quote mentioned above best describes Inah , who was once an incredibly shy little girl; a fact that she is aware of and openly admits to people around her.  And look at her now — isn’t she now a lady of confidence and grace? She intimated that various fears and challenges during her childhood years contributed to her being a reserved person – feeling a bit like seeking a refuge in a  deserted island even when surrounded by a crowd of people.

It was not an overnight change. It started with a decision on Inah’s part to change. To start overcoming the shyness, she started vigorously mingling and conversing with her cousins and friends on parties. She then deliberately learned how to interact and fluidly adapt to different types of people. She would listen intently and would learn from the experience of other people she was in contact with. From learning to appreciate other people’s character, personalities and talents, she began to discover her own natural talents, among which are her flair for playing the guitar and badminton. Travel, among other external activities, has become a fascinating experience for her.

Inah finds it amazing that she transformed herself through the years.  Those who would have come into contact with her the last few years would quickly label her as a people person. The shy girl that she was before was long gone. The good news is that it was 100% her decision and determination to come out of her sensitive shell and allow her natural outgoing personality to evolve. Wow, that’s truly, truly admirable!

By:  Heidi L. Dela Cruz
Associate Consultant

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