BDSC Risk Analytics Officer

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A fin-tech company currently operating in Bulgaria, South Africa, and the Philippines


•    Design and implement portfolio analytics solutions for the credit portfolio (which may include financial
•    and/or non-financial data)
•    Manage the activities, scope, timeline, and delivery of credit reports and projects
•    Identify, measure and monitor risks and opportunities in the credit portfolio
•    Recommend strategies based on local socio-demographic insights to help develop the credit scoring
•    model
•    Recommend improvements in the quality of the credit portfolio, which may span the areas of product
•    development, operational improvements, risk-based pricing, market competition, etc.
•    Implement a regular analytical reporting activity of the credit portfolio to the Chief Risk Officer and the
•    Risk Committee.
•    Prepare and conduct presentations and workshops, and coordinate with other business sections for relevant projects in Risk.


•    Graduate of a bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accountancy, or Business Economics
•    Three (3) year experience in credit analytics preferably obtained in a financial services, telecommunications, or relevant industry
•    Understands the accounting and financial concepts surrounding the loans and receivables portfolio;
•    In-depth knowledge in the current applications, techniques, and best practices in portfolio management and analytics


August 23- October 30, 2018


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