Our client is a new local advertising agency behind some viral campaigns.


  • Overview of the role A traffic manager’s main objective is to ensure that work flows efficiently by creating detailed schedules, setting deadlines at each stage of the project, and distributing work equally and fairly between creative teams and other departments. If too much work is coming into the agency, and resources are in short supply, the traffic manager can work with account services and the creative department to move deadlines, or hire additional help in the form of freelancers and temporary contractors. The traffic manager is process-driven and will make sure efficiencies are met by putting

    Day to day tasks

    ● Meet with the leads to learn about the status of existing projects, and details about new projects coming into the agency. ● Assign projects and tasks depending on the statuses of outstanding tasks

    ● Analyzes roadblocks and challenges

    ● Communicate any issues with the team and Accounts Team

    ● Initiate new jobs for the client and create timelines and tasks for the work to be done (future planning)

    ● Review the timeline with the Accounts Team to get client approval

    ● Review current and future timelines and job statuses with the heads of department, and if necessary, the individuals working on the jobs.

    ● Reschedule projects based on new or changing priorities. This often happens when clients initiate rush jobs, or the agency becomes involved in a pitch.

    ● Report to management about the current workflow, and communicate any possible issues with too much, or too little, work coming into the agency.

    ● Work with the accounting and production departments on invoicing, and possible additional costs due to rush fees, or unexpected deadlines.

    ● Contract and work with freelancers and temporary contractors, getting them up to speed on jobs they will assist with.


  • To succeed as a traffic manager, you need the ability to multitask, organize and collaborate. Traffic managers juggle a wide variety of requests from clients with competing deadlines and limited resources. Strong decision-making and prioritization are essential to make sure everything runs smoothly, and traffic managers need to be as organized as possible to schedule, monitor and adjust deadlines and resources as needed.

  • This position also requires significant collaboration, and traffic managers should have excellent people management skills. They need to know how to effectively communicate requests and assignments from clients to their team, which includes getting content creators to meet deadlines and following up when they don’t, pushing back when clients make unrealistic requests and making sure everyone is satisfied with the project.

  • Additional skills required include time-management, an eye for detail and problem solving skills. Proficiency with Excel and project management software is also important. With previous traffic experience whether that’s in an agency or corporate setting

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