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  • In alignment with the overall Commercial and Sales plans, directs the crafting of the annual revenue marketing plan and its execution to achieve identified KPIs.
  • Directs all activities to support revenue growth targets of Sales and CBD, acting as enablers to frontliners.
  • Initiates the activities for strategy and implementation to sustain brand building and awareness across all stakeholders – customers, employees, potential employees, suppliers, investors, and the general public.
  • Organizes and leads the Team in executing the roadmap for digital engagement and optimizing according to pre-set KPIs/metrices.
  • Leads in the planning and implementation of the marketing communication campaigns, including media and public relations. Leads in the planning and implementation of the marketing communication campaigns, including media and public relations, with a strong focus on crisis communication to effectively manage and respond to unforeseen challenges and issues.
  • Execute the marketing components of Customer Experience program.
  • Takes responsibility for developing and managing online and offline presence of Fast. (Internet, social media, presentation materials etc.)
  • Undertakes analysis of competitive segmentation, positioning, targeting and pricing as inputs to the overall business strategy development.
  • The Head of Revenue Marketing and Communications steers the strategic development and execution of the revenue marketing function in the FAST Logistics Group. This includes to building and sustaining the brand, creating awareness of and interest in FAST solutions through communications campaigns across digital and offline marketing channels.


  • Customer Focus: A strong commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of customers in the logistics industry. Putting the customer at the center of what we do.
  • Significant experiences in leading corporate communications, media, and related activities.
  • Operational Excellence: A focus on delivering marketing programs and campaigns with operational efficiency and effectiveness. Striving for continuous improvement and finding innovative solutions to enhance marketing operations.
  • Adaptability and Agility: Being able to quickly adapt to changes in the dynamic logistics industry and respond swiftly to emerging trends, technologies, and customer demands. Being agile in decision-making and execution.
  • Results-Driven: Focuses on achieving measurable results and driving business growth through effective tactical marketing. Sets ambitious goals, monitorsing performance, and takes proactive steps to achieve targets. Has proven experience in empirical and financial evaluation of tactical execution.


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