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Our client is a climate-solutions company based in Singapore. They are a non-profit company focused on forest protection and preservation.


Client is seeking an In-House Lawyer to provide expert legal advice, manage contracts, and facilitate communication with stakeholders, as well as play a pivotal role in identifying, securing, and legally protecting areas for Avoided Planned Deforestation (APD). The successful candidate will be responsible for building legal cases and implementing actions to safeguard potential APD areas, including challenging mining permits, protecting road-adjacent lands, and addressing proposed government plantation schemes within CADTs.


Legal Advisory

  • Provide comprehensive legal advice on IPRA law and other relevant laws governing FPIC.
  • Interpret and ensure compliance with laws and regulations related to forest-carbon projects and indigenous rights.
  • Advise on the activities, rights, obligations, and limitations of the NCIP and other LGUs.
  • Review and draft legal documents, contracts, and agreements related to the project.
  • Monitor legal developments that may impact the project’s operations.

    Contract Management
  • Oversee the negotiation, drafting, and execution of contracts with stakeholders, partners, and suppliers.
  • Ensure contracts comply with legal requirements and align with project objectives.
  • Maintain a repository of all project-related contracts and agreements.
  • Manage contract amendments, extensions, and terminations as necessary.

    Legal Strategy and Case Building
  • Develop and implement a legal strategy to identify and secure areas for Avoided Planned Deforestation (APD) within the CADTs.
  • Conduct legal research to understand the implications of revoking mining permits, protecting road-adjacent lands, and challenging proposed government plantation schemes.
  • Build robust legal cases to support the identification and protection of potential APD areas.

    Mining Permit Revocation
  • Analyze existing mining permits within the CADTs and strategize on legal grounds for their revocation.
  • Engage with relevant government authorities, stakeholders, and legal processes to challenge and overturn mining permits that pose a threat to forest conservation.

    Protection of Road-Adjacent Lands
  • Develop legal frameworks to protect lands on either side of new roads post-construction from unplanned forest destruction by encroaching settlements.
  • Collaborate with local government units and other stakeholders to enforce and monitor the protection of road-adjacent lands.

    Land-Use Planning
  • Assess proposed government plantation schemes within CADTs and evaluate their impact on forest conservation.
  • Develop legal arguments to challenge or negotiate changes in land-use plans to align with the goals of the forest-carbon project.

    Compliance and Documentation
  • Ensure compliance with relevant laws, including FPIC and environmental regulations.
  • Maintain accurate documentation of legal actions, communications, and outcomes related to securing APD areas.

    Stakeholder Engagement
  • Collaborate with local government units, indigenous communities, and other stakeholders to obtain FPIC and facilitate consent processes.
  • Mediate and resolve legal disputes or issues that may arise during project implementation.
  • Foster positive relationships with stakeholders to promote project success.

    Compliance and Reporting
  • Monitor project activities for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Prepare and submit legal reports and documentation as needed.
  • Ensure that the project adheres to FPIC principles and respects indigenous rights throughout its lifecycle.


  • Bachelor’s degree in law; admission to the Philippine Bar is required.
  • Deep knowledge of Philippine laws related to indigenous rights (IPRA Law), land-use planning, and environmental conservation.
  • Knowledge and familiarity of CADT (Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title) matters
  • Comprehensive grasp of issues related to forestry, mining, and various environmental threats
  • Strong legal research and analytical skills.
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders.
  • Proven experience in contract management and legal advisory roles, preferably in environmental or indigenous rights projects.
  • Detail-oriented with excellent organizational skills.
  • Familiarity with the Caraga region and its cultural dynamics is advantageous.


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