My Eight-Year with KSearch – Professional Milestone, a Journey to Transformation

The best form of loyalty is one that breeds from a mutually supportive culture and one that draws inspiration from being counted for one’s unique individuality, yet forming part of a whole larger than the sum total of its parts.  ~Manuel R. Guillermo, KSearch CEO


Last February 12, I am truly blessed and grateful to have celebrated my 8th Anniversary with KSearch. By and large, 8th symbolizes ‘Bronze’. Modesty aside, I can earnestly say that my eight-year journey with the company signifies more than that of a ‘Silver’ or ‘Gold’. Each phase was fraught with diverse challenges, to be sure, but so rewarding at each turn. I can surmise that the purpose is not only to gauge my proficiency but more so to test my character and above all to measure my faith, as fire tests how genuine gold is. What a marvellous experience!


KSearch has played an imperative role to me, my life, and absolutely to my career. It would be hard to put a price to all the values the firm has imbued on me – dynamism, strong customer service orientation, and exceptional professionalism that I know I should adhere to at all times for which I shall be forever thankful. Along with these are – highly developed abilities to work under pressure, cope with disappointments, and high frustration tolerance level. Not to mention the headhunting skills that each Consultant as myself has acquired which I believe is one of the most important competencies any one can ever have.


Looking back, it is very inspiring to realize how privileged I am to be part of an organization like KSearch. The management ensures that it enriches its people through rapid and continued advancement in their knowledge, ability, recognition and rewards. The learning that I attained since I started is indeed beyond measure. The institution has been really generous to every one’s professional enhancements particularly on trainings and seminars that I attended be it within or outside Metro Manila. I could remember my very first People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) Annual Conference exposure which was held in Lahug, Cebu City during my first year.


KSearch doesn’t fail to recognize an individual’s exceptional performance as well as his loyalty and dedication through the fruitful years of service. One of which is being acknowledged in a form of a travel incentive. It was overwhelming to have explored and enjoyed the magnificence of our co-Asian countries including Beijing, China and Ho Chi Minh, Halong Bay & Hanoi, Vietnam. It has definitely contributed a lot to my know-how about their renowned history and culture. It has broadened my horizon at the same time. Not to add the designated tour guides who were totally strangers at the outset that turned out to be our new found friends afterwards. How remarkable it was!


I like to reiterate how KSearch has constantly transformed me – not only professionally but my entire being. I cannot express enough how much I appreciate the unrelenting support from the management and my practice group: Sir Manny, Ms. Karmeli, and of course Ms. Ruby, as my guide and mentor. It could have been an inconceivable battle to combat without their ceaseless guidance and motivation. I also wish to exude my gratitude to my friends, among everyone else in the firm.


My last eight years in the organization has been a professional milestone, I am thrilled to be with the KSearch family! A whole heap of thanks!


Clyde Ayura


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