KSearch Consultants took Muses on BPO/ I.T Trends and its Business Implications


Technology is rapidly evolving, making our lives easier every single day. Gone are the days when we send letters to our loved ones via Mr. Postman, when we look for telephone booths to make important calls, when we line up and wait for our turn just to pay our bills, when we count days before medical results come out, when blackboards, thick books and notebooks were the things we carry to school.

Technology was the focus of the knowledge sharing last July 8, 2015. We were honored that Mr. Jonathan De Luzuriaga took time out of his busy schedule to meet and share with us the emerging trends in technology in the market.

The development and improvement of technology has greatly improved our lives. It has led to a far better and comfortable life for people. The internet technology greatly improved our lives in many ways. Distance is no longer a barrier to social and even commercial connections. It became easier to advertise and promote business through internet. No more long lines in paying our bills as we can transact it thru online facilities made available. Computers, Powerpoint presentation and even 3D images have brought about teaching in a very different perspective. Communication has been made easier because of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, and Skype. Social media removed all distance. Job applications are made easier because of job portals we have now. With just a click, your profile will be instantly submitted to different companies and just wait for the recruiter’s call.

Because of the growing demands for developers in the IT space, companies start to recruit for fresh talents, groom them to become Software Developers/ Engineers, retool those who want to have a career shift. Anyone can code, whether you are an Agricultural graduate or a tenured Salesman for as long as you have the passion, you can be one.

Technology is omnipresent and became an integral part in our lives. Whether we like it or not, we are surrounded by networks where information flows constantly. You, how did technology change your everyday life?



Reported by:

Raissa Fatima San Miguel Esclanda
Senior I.T Consultant

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