Our client is a leading fintech company in the Philippines.


  • Ensures centralized oversight and coordination across all subsidiaries. This enables consistent governance practices, standardization of processes, and alignment with overall corporate strategy
  • Responsible for ensuring that technology and operations practices can scale and accommodate future growth while maintaining regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. This proactive approach will support the business’ long-term sustainability and success
  • Have the expertise to address these broader regulatory and risk management aspects, ensuring compliance across the organization and mitigating risks effectively
  • Facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among the different subsidiaries. They will identify common challenges, share best practices, and drive synergies across the organization, enabling a more cohesive and efficient technology and operations ecosystem.
  • Work closely with senior leadership to align technology and operations initiatives with the overall business strategy.
  • They will provide strategic insights, contribute to decision-making processes, and ensure that technology investments and operational activities align with business’ goals and objectives


  • Proven experience in IT audit, risk management, compliance, and governance, preferably in the financial services industry.
  • Familiarity with various BSP Circulars governing IT and cybersecurity practices in the Philippines.
  • In-depth knowledge of IT frameworks and standards, including ISO 27001.


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