Communications Engineer

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Client is a leader in global safety, security and risk management solutions.


• 24/7 exploitation of the long range surveillance system (radar, cameras )
• Perimeter Surveillance System Alert Detection (this system is operated by the UN)
• Real-time transmission of operational threats to the Customer.
• Supervision and control of the different subsystems (SIC, networks)
• Reporting of minor and major events in the local handbook


Technical environment:
o Medium and long range surveillance system (radar, medium range EOS cameras)
o Perimeter monitoring system (feedback)
o Command & control system (C2)
o Video recording system in support of operated systems:
o Application Services (IP Telephony, Email, File Transfer, Intranet / Internet Connectivity)
o Support services (OS, Active Directory, back-up and archive mechanism, …)
o Security of services (Antivirus, security patches, …)
o IP network infrastructure (switches, routers, …)
o Optical Fiber network
o Satellite Communications Network (Satcom)


March to April 30, 2019


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