Karmeli Love Kintanar, Executive Search Vice President

Karmeli Love Uy Kintanar, Vice President for Business Services


For someone who’s already successful in her career, does her passion alongside with her profession, a certified designer, traveller and foodie, our very own VP shares what she treasures most – priceless memories.

Ask her on some of her most valuable possessions? There goes the cassette tapes with the voices of the Kintanar siblings in their early childhood singing songs recorded by their parents and her hard drive full of pictures (scanned and digital) from her childhood up to now. Ask her on what’s her favourite word? One wouldn’t think that it’s Mommy, but who doesn’t love the word Mommy? If you’re wondering what her best childhood memory was, it was one Christmas Night wherein the siblings thought that Santa Claus actually arrived at their house and put their gifts at the rooftop.

Yes, she is that sentimental. A sentimental, independent, stable and accomplished Ms. Karmeli Love Kintanar.

She already achieved her financial goal at age 28, attaining it 2 years earlier than her ideal age. She has her own house and car, enjoys travel, chases out her wants and needs, all out of pure hard work. She’s a proud and happy executive, leader, mentor, colleague and employee at KSearch as the organization holds a major part in her by knowing where it started and successfully grew with it. And for the love of everything else, she’s pursuing her creative pursuits and making money out of it at the same time.

But are there such things a Karmeli Kintanar still wants to do? It’s a resounding – YES. She wants to learn how to speak Mandarin. Also, if given a chance to be on someone’s shoes for a day? She would definitely trade a day to be Anthony Bourdain of the Travel Channel, a well known chef, author, traveller and TV personality.


By: Caryn Ingco, Associate Consultant

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