Jen Cases, Executive Search Consultant


Jennefer B. Cases
HR, IT and Sales & Marketing Group

At first glance, others see Jen as someone who is indifferent and a snob, probably because of her ‘mestiza-like’ features. When I first met her, I already saw the total opposite – gentle, pleasant and good-natured. I am absolutely right, it turned out. When you get to know her better, she is a natural comedienne and a certified ‘foodie’. She loves to experiment on several dishes and a voracious rice eater (unlimited that is!). Her mother always prepares ‘to die for’ meals, she says – be it breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner – and she, ofcourse, could not resist eating more.

Among Jen’s siblings, she gets extra attention from her parents, maybe because she was sickly when she was little. Though sometimes she feels that her parents, especially her father, are over protecting her, it never crossed her mind to ever rebel against them. Instead, she sees this as a blessing for having such loving parents. Ever wondered her secret behind her long, thick and shiny hair? She gets a regular coconut hot oil treatment not through a salon but by her mother. Her mother makes time for it. What a labor of love that is.

More than having a pretty face and gorgeous hair, Jen has much inner beauty in her. A great companion and colleague, she is an obedient daughter and a caring sister, as well. At a relatively young age, she already has a mature and happy disposition towards life despite a somewhat ‘sheltered’ childhood.

At work, Jen is efficient and hardworking and does not settle for mediocrity. What I like about her are her honesty, humility and passion to learn and embrace new things, not afraid of committing mistakes. She is an asset to the team.

When it comes to Jen’s aspirations in life, did you know that she wanted to become a TV broadcaster? But when she was about to enter college, this has changed. A fresh graduate who finished with Cum Laude last year, she is torn between becoming a professor teaching Organization Development and becoming a Diplomat to Spain; – Spain because of its rich and splendid culture. Being a strong-willed and an intelligent person, I am confident that she will have a very bright future ahead of her.

By: Rubi-Ann B. Benitez
Consulting Director


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