Patrick Simon A. Tiongson, Executive Search Consultant for Banking and Finance Group


Patrick Simon A. Tiongson
Banking and Finance Group

For new acquaintances, some might describe Patrick as someone who enjoys keeping things to himself or perhaps being a very shy, quiet and reserved individual. But the truth is quite surprising. At an early age, he already enjoyed public speaking as he was active in participating in interpretative reading contests and that he became a regular lector during Masses. He also took pleasure in participating in outreach activities where he felt a strong sense of self-fulfillment.

I also suspect that not many people know that Patrick graduated with a Cum Laude in Broadcast Communications at the University of the Philippines.

At present, Patrick still enjoys activities with others — like being a choir member in a known charismatic community and in practicing Capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts that combine elements of dance, acrobatics and music, which he says encourages him to push himself to the limit.

By: Cathie Quimson, Consultant

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