Clyde Ayura, Executive Search Consultant

Clyde Ayura, Consultant HR Practice Area For Clyde, the virtues of passion, patience and perseverance at work are no mere lip service. She actually breathes these success elements as she quietly clinches her mandates for HR roles. Believing that passion is the key to success in any human endeavour, she would also be quick to add another complementary ingredient to the mix , i.e., that of being determined to succeed. It is obvious that Clyde has both the passion and the determination for what she does which have served her well throughout her eight “short” years with the firm. Clyde has shared a mystical thought that she almost didn’t make it on earth. How? Well, she said that her Mom’s life was put at very, very serious risk when giving birth to her older sister who is actually her only sibling. I must admit this one is deep and stretches our imagination. The good news is – Clyde is here with us, here on earth, at 139 Corporate Center.

Clyde, KSearch's Executive Recruitment Consultant

For Clyde, the virtues of passion, patience and perseverance at work are no mere lip service.

Clyde is kind, thoughtful and caring for her family and friends. She is to be admired for having continuously helped support her parents from the time she got her first job. Always God-fearing, she is never without her rosary in her wallet, reminding herself that she could resort to divine intervention at any moment. Clyde absolutely enjoys travelling, spending time with her family, and collecting pictures from out of town getaways. She rewards herself with a little binging on good eats and strong coffee after a stressful day at work. A consummate book lover, Clyde is not one to shy away from the powers of horoscopes, destiny and fate, and yes, even a love that last forever. No, she doesn’t think this is cheesy. Clyde is probably too unassuming to a fault, but when it comes to strictly HR search mandates, we can take it to the bank that, indeed, she knows whereof she speaks! By: Veron A. Mendoza Manager, Finance and Admin Group

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