Caryn Ingco, Executive Search Consultant

Caryn B. Ingco
HR/Sales & Marketing Practice

To all of us in KSearch, Caryn personifies integrity and hard work.  Considered by management  as one of the most  versatile consultants in the firm, she is credited for her special abilities and extraordinary resourcefulness in being able to clinch searches for  widely diverse industries.  Already six years with the firm, her love for her craft must have contributed to her unwavering dedication and passion to keep on growing and learning.

Caryn has no regrets in life. She’s a believer in the  saying that “Everything that happens in one’s life has its reason, meaning and purpose.”


In her spare time, Caryn enjoys a good happy hour with friends, the sounds of a great music playlist, spending time with her Golden Retriever named Jigo, being active at church and seeking adventure in the outdoors. She  also enjoys putting her thoughts on paper and dreams of publishing her literary works someday.

Five words you can count on from Caryn Ingco; love, integrity, commitment, passion and fun.

By: Vanessa Fabian, Executive and Admin. Assistant

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