Forensic Investigations and Analytics

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  • Develops the overall fraud investigation strategy for Mynt and its subsidiaries while keeping in view the overall anti-fraud and security strategy of Fraud Management
  • Assists the Fraud Management Head in developing overall long-term and short-term strategies of the Fraud Management functions of Mynt and its subsidiaries
  • Ensures that KPIs of Fraud Investigation are consistently aligned with the plans, targets, and goals of Fraud Management, Mynt and its subsidiaries
  • Manages the overall activities of Fraud Investigation team to ensure that it is aligned with the team’s KPIs and overall company targets
  • Updates and publishes periodic progress reporting to monitor and manage Fraud Investigation team performance
  • Ensures that data needed for association, regulatory and bank requirements and reports for Mynt and its subsidiaries are submitted and reviewed within the prescribed period which may result to fines or penalties due to non-compliance
  • Develops and continuously reviews Fraud Investigation procedures using different fraud tools, including but not limited to the Fraud Management System and Risk Engine
  • Effectively collaborates with the operating units across the organization to provide management assurance that:
  1. Fraud risks are identified and managed
  2. Fraud detection and related processes are working, as intended
  3. Proper reporting and escalation of fraud cases to the Fraud Management Head for leadership guidance, business decisions, and/or possible legal, security, and regulatory


  • Provides inputs in the implementation of major new products, services and enabling systems.
    This is to help the Business ensure that fraud risks that may arise from implementation of new product or service are proactively identified and effectively managed


• Relationship management experience in the private banking/high-net-worth individuals sector
• Proven track record in asset gathering, asset growth, and revenue generation
• Excellent communication and negotiation skills in client servicing • Excellent understanding of financial markets and products with the ability to provide strong financial and statistical analysis • Detail – oriented
• Fluency in English and Mandarin/Hokkien is an advantage

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