Compliance Officer (AVP to VP)

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• Support business development and new products, ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations;

• Educate employees on compliance issues, in acting as a contact point for compliance queries, and in establishing policies and/or written guidance about the appropriate implementation of compliance-related requirements;

• Advise management on compliance-related requirements to ensure they act in accordance with laws and regulations;

• Monitor new legal and regulatory developments that could impact retail business;

• Disseminate regulatory issuances on a periodic basis or as and when required;

• Assist in the periodic update of Compliance Program;

• Review the periodic tracking/monitoring consistent with the Compliance Charts and Self-Assessment Review checklists for made by the Department Compliance Coordinator (DCC).

• Perform key control testing activities;

• Assist in identifying and documenting the compliance risks associated with the Retail activities;

• Support management in investigating, promptly remediating, and mitigating identified issues or areas of concern;

• Liaise with ORM for the monitoring and tracking of the closure of issues;

• Assess or recommend reporting of compliance incidents;

• Provide advice with respect to compliance risks and possible remedial actions of planned retail products, services or channel introductions or modifications;

• Provide support or advisory role, or 2nd line of defense review on the result of activities by Post Transaction Monitoring and Know Your Customer/name screening Alert Handlers, and perform such other functions related Financial Economic Crime Risk Management;

• Coordinate/assist in the periodic regulatory examinations conducted by the BSP, other local agencies, and Corporate Audit Services;

• Assist in the liaison role with regulators, peers, and external experts;

• Support the Manila Branch Chief Compliance Officer Senior Compliance Officer, or Head of NFR on compliance-related reporting, monitoring and other statutory responsibilities;

• Perform ad hoc functions.

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Job opportunity open until October 2020!


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