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Directors Roni Balbieran and Christian Vallez Coach KSearch Consultants on Acting (move over Sarah….)

Remember…. when you feel like everything seems to go haywire and out of place, or when you feel like you’re about to fall down or falter when making a presentation to a crowd, the floor or stage where you stand on…will always be there to catch you and support you.  Feel the surface of the floor; it’s your best “friend” you can count on at all times!


 “3…2…1… Action!” This is what you would normally hear when you are in the world of entertainment. You’ll definitely jump when you’re the actor and you hear your director holler those lines.


 Now, what happens when you make consultants make attempts at being actors?  There is a popular line in the entertainment world that “singers always want to be actors and actors always want to be singers.” But consultants? Well, there will be exceptions, I’m sure.  In any group of say, 10 to 20, I bet there will be one or two, at least, who must have fancied himself or herself getting into acting.   


So when my fellow consultants at KSearch learned that the topic for our KEP (Key Enhancement Program) slated on July 24, 2014 was about Acting, most were hesitant or apprehensive to join. Some were already waxing nervous, anticipating it’s an entirely new territory.  A natural reaction, I thought.


But after the initial jitters and it became time for my colleagues to step into the center stage during last Friday’s KEP session, I was so happily shocked.  The dreaded fears of the unknown, the anxiety, the self-doubt and all other negative feelings were gone all of a sudden. They all seemed to enjoy the “spot light”.   The latent talent of each one or as in MRG’s own words, “the tiger inside each one was unleashed” – thanks immensely to the encouragement, the reassuring thoughts, and the methodical coaching by our two distinguished facilitators -- Director Roni Balbieran and Director and Playwright Christian Vallez, two outstanding artists in the local entertainment industry.


As an acting instructor myself, it was very impressive to witness how Direk Roni and Direk Christian were  able to compress a typically one summer-long workshop into a 4- hours session. It must be very tough! Short-cutting the typical “getting to know you” phase, the two esteemed directors quickly addressed the aspects of the Actor’s Mind, Body, Voice and Soul. This is a fundamental lesson that every actor or even those who are aspiring to be one must know as a key foundation.  An actor uses his body in acting for movements, tension and extension to emphasize the character’s feelings or what is at risk for him at the moment; uses voice to evoke more power and feelings to the acting; and uses his Mind to think or create unique ways to make the role or character stand out. However, all must be anchored on the actor’s Soul or his self-discipline, determination or passion to make it all work.


The acting workshop soared to its climax during the last activity when each group was asked to improvise different roles.  It was challenging for each one as much as it was fun for all; even hilarious in most parts.  It was totally impromptu such that the instant creative juices of the KSearch “wannabe and reluctant actors” really overflowed.


Overall, it was yet another unforgettable experience in the life of a KSearch consultant.  Another new “territory” traversed, another form of achievement, in a way, and another channel for self-expression    all three elements being the greater interest of MRG for every KSearch consultant.


Prepared by Jennefer Cases

HR/IT/Sales & Marketing Group

28 July 2014

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