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KSearch Consultants Gets Trained on How to Make Instant Positive Impressions

As in any human activity, whenever one has to convey a message whether in a business or personal setting, propose something, or sell a product or service to another party, it is critical that the other party is made receptive instantly.  But how?  Human nature predisposes us to be wary of anyone who wants to sell you something.  Only when we begin to feel secure or safe, so to speak, that we become receptive and start to lower our guard.  There is a well-known theory that one can make that positive impact within 90 seconds of the encounter and such has been proven time and time again; whereas the opposite detrimental outcome has also been observed if such positive impact is not made in an instant.


Last Friday, July 26, some KSearch Consultants received a four-hour highly interactive training from Ms. Balma Nandwani, Ksearch’s regular training consultant on mostly human effectiveness at the workplace.   The training on “successfully making the all-important connection within the first 90 seconds of the meeting” was overwhelmingly appreciated by each of the participants for its compelling content, delightful delivery and overall immediate impact.


Here below are the feedbacks from the training participants:

The training made me appreciate more the importance of being genuine and credible, and how critical it is to make an impact in the first two seconds. I can still remember how I smiled and felt great that moment when Ms. Balma Nandwani finished our 4-hour training on “How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less”. I didn't even realize that it consumed much time because I really had fun and I even wanted to just sit there for another hour to listen and learn with one of the best trainers in the industry. It is such a privilege to be a participant and I am grateful that KSearch's management was very generous to give us proper and useful trainings that we can apply not only in the business operations but also with our personal boost as well 

                                                                                                Caryn Ingco – Associate Consultant


Last Friday training with Ms. Balma Nandwani regarding “How to connect in business in 90 seconds or less”  was so fun and such a great training to all of us. The training helps us on how to possess an attractive attitude to get the client trust in less than a second. I have learned that, to make that connection w/ people or with our client, one must know how to build their confidence and feel great about themselves first so that they may able to emanate the positivity within them. Also, one thing that I’ll never forget about this training that give me such an impact are those words that says the client must buy you first, before you can buy them. This training is truly such an amazing experience.


                                                                                                   Gretchill Roque – Admin Associate


The training held last Friday by Ms. Balma was very effective is so many ways. As Executive Search Consultants, we meet and interact with people multiple times per day and connecting or engaging can make or break it in our industry. In this industry, which is built on trust and relationships, the training gives us an immediate advantage. Learning simple ways of building initial rapport, sending the right signals and connecting with people that you meet for the first time will help you sell yourself first, then your business. Ms.Balma asked us to remember Agent AA, WERC, Check and Soft Candy – which are critical in connecting in the first 90 secs. We usually interact with candidates or clients over the phone which initial rapport is built but this training would equip us with knowledge for a face to face interaction. Most clients would prefer a face to face meeting and selling yourself would set the pace for the clients interest in your business. Confidence, interpersonal skills and enthusiasm are the key to connecting in business.


                                                                                                   Erwyn Keith Lejano – Consultant


Last Friday, July 26, Ms. Balma Nandwani facilitated a training session entitled “How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less”. The objective of the training session was to teach us how to quickly connect with the clients and to earn their trust right away. Ms. Balma had several ways of transferring the knowledge to us: discussing several tips, by letting us see pictures, and by making us watch a very informative video.  For me, the most effective one was when she made us practice amongst ourselves and in front of everyone. Her teaching style is unique and entertaining. Aside from the fact that most people were actively participating, she was able to correct some mistakes which enabled us to practice what we learned right away. We will surely embody an attractive attitude and definitely practice the right actions the next time we’re dealing with the clients.

               Patricia Anne Cruz – Search Associate


Our training with the seasoned trained Ms. Bal Nandwani about Connecting in Business in 90 seconds is very handy with our daily activities as Consultants for an Executive Search firm. The training taught us how to connect even at the first 2 seconds of a meeting by choosing an Attractive Attitude and having the Right Signal. If you apply those two correctly, then it makes it easier to connect immediately and convince a potential client to sign your proposal. The trainer, Ms. Bal made the training very interesting by giving us role playing and team activities.


                                                                                                  Joyce Encarnacion – Consultant


“A matter of a minute or two can make or break you as a person and the company you are representing”.  This was one of the brilliant things I was fortunate to learn last Friday during Ms. Balma Nandwani’s training on effectively connecting in business in 90 seconds or less.  Being a seasoned trainer and performance coach, Ms. Bal shared a lot of useful strategies on how to establish rapport in such a small amount of time. She explained how beneficial it is to connect easily in business, and how to do it as quickly as possible. She also explained the value of maintaining that kind of energy to concretize your connection with the people you’re interacting. Connecting doesn’t always come in words; it heavily relies on body gestures, signals and attitude. I learned how vital it is to have a firm handshake, establish eye contact and enthuse a very positive attitude while talking to people. These learnings are my biggest take-away from attending the training. It will definitely be useful in my workplace and even for my personal life.


                                                                                                 Ma. Lorraine Alerta – Search Associate


Last Friday, I was part of the group selected to attend Ms. Balma Nandwani’s talk on How to Connect in 90 seconds or Less. The whole training/workshop lasted the whole afternoon, around 4 hours but it felt like an hour only because of so much fun and learning we had. She made sure that what she’s teaching us was easy to grasp and in “bite size”. We also learned not just in theories but we experienced the situations firsthand.

We were informed of the 3 key steps in connecting. First, having an Attractive Attitude where we should be Welcoming, Enthusiastic, Resourceful or Curious. Second, giving the right signals where we should maintain eye contact and give a natural smile, ensure that our heart is facing the person we’re talking to and we’re in sync with their body language and pace of speech. And third, getting the other person talking and talking continuously by asking open ended questions. The right questions start with the What, When, Where, Why, Who and How. Questions like Are you, Have you and Do you, should be avoided at all times since it is answerable only by yes or no, thus will not encourage talking.

We were reminded that soft skills are important to us as it gives strong impact to clients and candidates. It is important to get to know more about the other person and learn their language so we can establish rapport and later on a relationship. After all, we should convince others to believe in “Us” first (as face of the company) before they “buy” our services.

Unlike other trainings I had in the past where application would take much effort, this one is certainly easy to put into practice not only in work but in personal dealings with other people. Ms. Balma made sure we understand the importance of connecting in simple ways before we ended the training. Indeed, she is one of the best trainers I have ever encountered. Looking forward for more trainings with her.

                                                                                                  Catherine Quimson –Associate Consultant


Last Friday’s training was an eye opener for me. It would only take 90 seconds to connect, whether it would be a prospective client, a passive candidate or even your peers and relatives, and would live either a good or bad impression. Ms Balma was able to explain and expound the importance of having an attractive attitude, sending the right signals and getting the other party talking. If done correctly, it would establish rapport and gain the other party’s trust. She also made the training enjoyable and entertaining. I would definitely practice and use this everyday so it would be permanent in my daily conversations and hopefully connect with the people around me.


                                                                                                Marie Karla Dawn Fuentes – Recruitment Consultant


The training conducted by Ms. Balma Nandwani was exceedingly beneficial. She was able to explain the importance and right approach in connecting with clients as well as with others. Though I already have a glimpse of how connection plays a vital role in our industry, the training elucidated more its function in our daily activities both at work and outside work.  Hence, if we want to establish rapport and trust with our clients as well as to avoid the risk of losing a prospect, one should know how to make a connection in 90 seconds or less.

                                                                                            Joan Krissel Aranzamendez- Associate Consultant


To begin with, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sir MRG and Ms. Rubi for giving me the great privilege to be part of the above training authored by Mr. Nicholas Boothman and facilitated by the undeniably exceptional, my favourite trainer for the longest time, Ms. Balma Nandwani!! It really was a full of fun experience and a valuable one indeed more so because of the learning that each participant gained during and especially after the entire sessions. J


Pleased to share my key take-aways: 3 Keys to Connecting


#1 Choose the right attitude – having an ‘attractive attitude’ such as (1) welcoming or being warm and of course having high level of confidence while taking the initiative to introduce himself/herself instead of waiting for someone (potential client/candidate to approach you, (2) enthusiastic or having the drive/energy to connect to the other person at the outset, (3) resourceful or being fully aware of the other party’s presence and (4) curious or being assertive of the other person’s main purpose/agenda.


#2 Send them the right signals – there are three steps as follows:         

a.       Look them in the eye and smile! – smiling not just with your eyes but with your whole face instead. Great!!! J

b.       Point your heart towards them – having an open body language/gestures while welcoming/dealing with him/her. Put your heart to the client, meaning you are showing how happy you are to see them.

c.        Synchronize your body language and pace of speech – the other person should feel the human relations/rapport in you at the outset such as the very moment you shake his/her hand and not just purely business purposes, among others.


#3 Get them talking and keep them talking – by means of:

a.       Giving a short statement – giving a very short statement to start the conversation.

b.       Asking open-ended questions – using the 5 Ws (Who, What, Where, Why and When) and 1 H (How) not the closed-ended ones answerable only by ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

c.        Giving feedback – making a follow-up comment/question/feedback to the other person’s statement.

d.       Keep them talking – given the first three steps, it will let the other party keep on talking and talking...


In a nutshell, the first two keys to connecting is being used in the first 2 seconds while the third one in the next 90 seconds or less... Thus, being able to connect/build rapport to a potential client/candidate on said period is very crucial because it is the main indicator on either making or breaking a deal (business/career opportunity with KSearch)...


                                                                                                     Clyde Ayura – Consultant


Last Friday’s activity was a blast. Ms Balma did a splendid job of telling us how to get someone’s attention. First, we were told that people actually make that decision to either engage or escape from a conversation with someone within two minutes. Second, we were told how to grab their attention within the time limit. I learned that the key lies in the right attitude, the right body language and the right words. What makes this session very useful to me, professionally, is that I can use this to easily connect and retain potential candidates for the job openings that I am working on. Besides that, I can also apply it to my personal life where I can better engage my friends and acquaintances.   


                                                                                                    David Bien Paje – Research Associate



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