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KSearch with Lyceum’s CIR Hold 9th Annual English Language Oratorical Contest

“The candidate that deserves our votes come May this year must, above all, not be corrupt, has the guts to craft an independent foreign policy, can expand the country’s economy, and in every way loyal to the people and country”, so advocated Jhasmine Anne A. Calo, a senior student at the College of International Relations (CIR) of the Lyceum of the Philippines University.  Jhasmine won the championship round among 15 finalists during the 9th Annual English Language Oratorical Contest held this year on 25th January. She added: “Our right candidate must have specific, measurable, realistic and time-bound action strategies,” reflecting conceivably the general sentiments of the youth of today who are first time voters and who would like to be the “change” their parents have -- hopelessly it must have seemed to them -- long aspired for. 


Initially conceived nine years ago by good friends CIR Dean Reynaldo Arcilla and KSearch President, Manny Guillermo, as a vehicle to call awareness to the need for the Philippine youth to be proficient in the English language so as to gain an edge in their ensuing career pursuits, this Annual English Oratorical Contest has since also allowed for the more articulate among the CIR students to use the forum to voice out each time their well-meant aspirations for a change in the country’s status quo.  The project has obviously gained much traction among the Lyceum’s CIR students such that this year it attracted nearly  100 participants which were pruned down to 15 finalists. Without exception, all did justice to the topic which centered on the 2016 National Elections and with each one in his or her own style provoked a rigid self-examination of values by every voter to choose for the “right” candidate.  


Ms. Karmeli U. Kintanar, KSearch Vice President, gave the overture at the event with pointers on the practical values of being English-proficient, drawn from her experiences in selecting the desired talents in the world of business.   Mr. Manny Guillermo headed, as usual, the panel of judges which this time around included Chairperson for Diplomacy Ambassador Fred Almendrala, Faculty members Ambassador Alladin Villacorte and Mr. Glenn Sartillo, and Registrar Ms. Jennifer Tucpi. Dean Arcilla announced the eight top winners and awarded their trophies, accompanied by Mr. Guillermo who handed out the corresponding cash prizes. KSearch Consultant Ms. Jennifer Cases was KSearch’s liaison with the Lyceum’s CIR in staging the event.


Reported by:

Jennefer Cases

KSearch Consultant/Coordinator

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