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KSearch “Profits” from Employees’ Diverse Backgrounds


We caught Chill (Roque) today at our KSearch office lobby entertaining intermittent incoming phone calls even as she would be alert to assist our visitors to the boardroom. Her day is typically swamped with other engaging front office activities which she attends to in high spirits and with a quick, disarming smile.   Chill is KSearch’s Receptionist and Administrative Associate.


Chill finds herself in a role which is quite a sharp departure from her graduate degree in Nursing.  This, we gather, has become typical for a good proportion of Nursing graduates due to their overabundance relative to available demand both locally and abroad. 


“I believe that whatever career path I take, even if it is not aligned with my profession, as long I have the will to learn and I am driven to excel, I can still be successful in that field,” Chill exhorted, beaming with enthusiasm.


Working at KSearch, one of the leading executive search firms in the Philippines, has given Chill the opportunity to gain new skills and experiences that broadens her perspective in life and increases her determination to succeed. Whenever given some free time, she takes pleasure in reading inspirational books and fashion magazines.


She has more to share in this dialogue below about her personal and professional journey.



1.      What triggered the shift in your career path?

One major reason why I shifted from my nursing career path, in spite of its being globally competitive, is due to the bitter fact that not everyone in the Nursing profession can get employment. That is why I made a decision to explore other opportunities where I could find a career growth and enhance my professional skills in a dynamic and fast-paced workplace.


2. Are you still planning to pursue the Nursing occupation eventually?


If given the chance, why not? After all, it’s great to be in a profession that I am well-trained for and capable but I feel that it is not yet my urgent calling.  I would still be open to other opportunities and career growth even if it is not aligned to Nursing.


3.      Has your stint in KSearch made an improvement to your personality?


KSearch has really enhanced my personality. It made be conscious about what it takes to be a professional in the right sense of the word.  KSearch gives me an opportunity to discover more and learn new things through a variety of channels, such as its Knowledge Enrichment Program (KEP) sessions and exchanging informative emails. People here are very inspiring and supportive which really help me to become more responsible and accountable to every task given.


4.      Your outlook in life?


To continuously develop a positive attitude.  Having this kind of disposition can lead my life into better outcome in everything I do. I also like to be consistent in seeing opportunities instead of the problems, see solutions when problems occur, and look at the bright side of every situation.


5.      What is your most valuable learning at work?


I can say that there are a lot of things I learned from this institution. But the most valuable is learning from my own mistakes and  to always make room for improvement. I am also inspired not to give up easily and always do the best I can.


6.      Knowing your unique background from your current position, what do you consider is your main contribution to the company?


I am proud of what I do -- from enthusiastically greeting office visitors and phone callers, which I think is a very important part of our branding, to assisting the company’s payroll, bookkeeping, receivables collection, and a variety of other related assignments.

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