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A Pleasant Surprise

Lourdes Cengca 28.06.2012

You really can say that God has an unparalleled sense of humor.


Of course, everybody wants their dream job. The job which inspires you to become who you are and more. I personally want to pursue my dream job too, the only catch is when it comes to career path; my mind is a tabula rasa.  This is not to say that I am not motivated to become someone someday nor do I forget that I have some technical limitations (like solving complex mathematical problems for starters). It’s just that I still do not know what that someone exactly does to make a career in life. And so I just studied hard, composed a convincing resume to sell myself and left the “dream job” matter to the capable hands of the One Above.


By some quirk hands of fate, I ended up, where most of our young minds now are spent on: Call Centers.  I was assigned to an 11- hour shift for an inbound account that caters to American customers of a major cell phone service provider. This puzzled me a lot, because I am sure that being the Omniscient One, the Lord did not miss the fact that I am an incurable techno klutz and thus, I developed this aversion with cell phones. Plus, the little detail that I rarely call people (which worked for my parents who were saved from paying higher telephone bills for telebabad). The humdrum of the call center life made me realize several things: First, health is wealth. Second, call center agents are the most patient and caring people in the world. Third, I am not really that patient.


But God is good. The open glass doors of KSearch Asia Consulting, Inc. await me. I first walked through the office, not to secure a position in the organization but because I joined an oratorical competition sponsored by the company. At that time, it never occurred to me that in the near future I will be occupying one of the desks in the office and those faces I have seen once will be part of my professional growth.  Today is my 23rd day here and even as early as now the organization already left me with some insights that I really appreciate.


The organization is small but it is in itself a microcosm of culture. The different relationships and social interactions compacted within the bounds of KSearch are really interesting. The management is always hands on when it comes to the members’ individual enhancement and group performance. It is not just about professionalism that is being transcended to the employees, but a complete package of the work ethics every aspiring businessman should attain.


Now comes that part that really intrigues me (and really reinforces the idea that God is not without a sense of humor): “head hunt” in the Philippines. When I first heard the word, the first things that popped in mind are pictures of warriors and battles (no kidding). Of course, enlightenment always comes after embarrassing yourself with preconceived notions. For an introvert like me, the whole notion of cold calling and poaching is outlandish. I do not even call or text my close friends unless necessary, how can I do that to complete strangers! Then, I realized that headhunting is a battle not only against competitors and co-workers but a confrontation with oneself too. The company became an instrument for me to challenge myself. To actually push myself to function outside my comfort zone and learn from it. To become a better person. Moreover, to find enjoyment with what I do. At least I get to use those cute and whimsical aliases, for a moment not to be stuck with name my parents gave me (YES!). And make up stories and practice my non-existent acting talent. Guys, let us savor the moment and thrill of dialing unfamiliar numbers (hoping someone sane and polite will receive it) and selling to the operator/receptionist/secretary the story you made earlier, (hoping they did not notice the betraying nervousness in your voice) just to speak with that oblivious candidate you need.


It is also amazing to commit yourself to the depth of the organization’s objectives. To be experts on different fields is a steep but highly motivating goal. KSearch does not only widen our perspectives to different industries but levels out the playing field for technical and non-technical players like us. I mean, come on guys, I learned different computer languages and the software development life cycle here, in less than a month!


Most of all, to be a key player in the corporate sector for such a small enterprise is already an impressive feat. The extent of the company’s exposure and its influence over the different industries creates an environment of never-ending competition and chance for development.


 In my world where every career opportunity is really a revelation, KSearch introduced me to a path of exciting and fulfilling surprises.


 “I want everybody to continually surprise themselves…” That is what Mr. Guillermo told me when I talked to him recently.


 “And boy…I was indeed surprised!” (‘o’)




Image: Danilo Rizzuti's portfolio 


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