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Make Each Day Count (And by the way, love your work -- warts and all!)

Verna Austria 09.08.2012

Do you remember how elated you were when you get “that” call from your head hunter or from the company’s executive search team? Reading the offer sheet with trembling fingers and aggravated pulse beats?  The almost eerie chill of the words: “you are hired!”? Waking up gingerly on the first day of work? The feeling of sitting on the edge of your seat and you could not wait enough to reach the office hurriedly while on a bus ride in the midst of the morning traffic only known in the Philippines? Then the uncontrolled exuberance of getting your first pay check?  The euphoria lasts a week, two weeks, a month, and soon enough reality sinks in, pierces the ecstatic bubble, and shatters the overblown self-image, the one that worked well for you perhaps to have landed this job.

Did you just forget to examine the “fine print” of what you are expected to do in your job assignment?  Did you perhaps fail to discuss in greater depth the so-called deliverables – as to how they may be impossible if you would not be given the top level support and the required resources to work with?  Who was it who said that “the devil is in the details”?  Many will probably not want to “sweat the small stuff” and would be carried away by the glamour of the position title, the perks, the promises for a training abroad and all and could not be bothered by the salient details in what are expected to succeed in the job.  Well, too bad.

And these small details can create a big impact for you to continue loving the work (or disliking it) given how mundane some of the tasks can be or become.  Consider:

  1. The manic Mondays that everyone seems to dread. No one escapes Mondays, so why not embrace that fact with a changed attitude.  That would make your Thank God, It’s Friday more well-deserved.
  2. There goes Garfield whining, “I hate mornings!” and most of us might feel the same. The desire to slam the alarm clock; the sluggish crawl towards the bathroom; the disruption of a dream! There will be more reasons to stay in bed than getting up BUT you must get up! Success starts in a dream and it must not stay there.
  3. The routine, ugh!  Even if you are a celebrity manager or a Hollywood talent caster or your job is the most unique in the world, expect to still perform routines—reading contracts, checking mails, editing manuscripts, promoting talents,  driving to the office, setting up the video for presentation. Rock the way how things are done at least once in a while just for a bit of change and appreciate the simplicity of it.
  4. Full work-schedule on the calendar gives less or even no time for other stuffs such as movie nights, hanging out, or simply having a frappuccino with friends. Time management might help, but accept the fact that your day will be loaded and the only way to free it up is to work the work…just do it!


At the end of the day, what matters is making each day count – create value or add value to others, to yourself.  Enrich your job because nobody else will.  And at the risk of pushing down another cliché, create your own future or some other people will and that future may not be to your liking. 

Forget expecting security. There is no such thing.  You secure yourself with the excellence in your performance and in the value you provide.  If these are not appreciated by your higher-ups, then they are the loser – because it’s time you move on, right?  Well, good luck on your next thrilling, if not chilling, call from your head hunter!

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